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If you would like to host a social and would like PDF to take to a group or board meeting. Download one here


We need your help to spread the news about this great event. The marketing is all done by volunteers so there is no budget. This website, the poster designs, everything is done by volunteers who take their extra time and contribute it to this great cause.

In order to make this event successful, you need to contact your local pilots and inform them about your social and invite them out. Socials only work if you encourage your pilots to attend other socials within your branch and other branches. If you don't attend the other socials, then you will not have the support of the other airports in your branch.

1. We will send out notices to pilots through our email list. There is a weekly email that will be generated to all the pilots on the list, telling where the socials and fly-ins are for the week.

2. We will post the Social events on this website and our The Wisconsin Flying Hamburger Social Facebook page, The Flying Hamburger Social Facebook Page. We hope you have signed up on Facebook and help us spread the word by sharing our posts on your Facebook personal page or group. By sharing our posts you let others know of our events. If you have any special events, let us know and we would also be happy to share them on the Facebook Pages.

We also have a Facebook Group. The difference between a Facebook Page and a Facebook Group is that a page allows just the admins to post. This way we control the brand. The Facebook Group allows anyone to post comments. Comments are monitored by the admins.

3. If you have any posters of upcoming events at your airport, send them to Jeff's email and we will post them here.

Contact Jeff Gaier - or 715-613-6019

Contact John Chimel at Wausau Flying Service - or 715-848-6000

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